Kaitlyn’s Senior Photos

October is hands-down my favorite month. The air becomes more crisp and the vibrant colors crush out the browns that the dry, hot summer gave us. Senior portraits and family photos dominate the schedule this time of year. I’m so thankful to every family and person who has reached out to keep me busy this year. I first met Kaitlyn and her family 11 years ago shooting a wedding for her aunt. We reconnected several months ago at a baptism and I was elated to be asked to do her senior portraits. We had a lovely time last night and she rocked it. Her wardrobe choices were beautiful and went so well with our backdrop and the weather was perfect. I’m also thankful her mother requested a photo alongside her. I’m a sucker for those mom and daughter photos, for sure. Here is a bit of a peek to hold you over as I cull through all the photos. Many more to come!

Lundberg Family

Another family that I have been honored to watch grow are Danya and John Lundberg’s. Sweet Clayton has already grown so much since last year and will be an amazing big brother in the spring. His exited, adventurous energy was contagious and definitely woke me up from my mid-day pregnancy exhaustion. Thanks for the smiles today, kiddo. Much love to you all.